Satsunai River Orchards, Pyoutan Falls


A therapeutic, negative air ion-charged locale

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Satsunai River Orchard located at the foot of the Hidaka Mountains embraces within the “Pyoutan Falls”, which collects the clear stream of the Satsunai River and drops the water to the catchment 10m below. The orchard is filled with negative ions released from the spray of the waterfall as well as from abundant natural forest. Visitors can take a stroll along the promenade surrounded by the wealth of the natural forest and soak up negative ions, or enjoy outdoor sports including athletic exercise, park-golf and cycling on a rental bike. There are facilities including the Hidaka Mountain Center, which introduces the nature and fauna and flora of the Hidaka Mountains and campgrounds are also established within the orchard.

(Open: late April – early November)


Satsunai River Orchards

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Address: 713 Minamisatsunai, Nakasatsunai Village

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