Tokiwa Park/Kaimono koen(Shopping Park)


Two parks in the center of Asahikawa, the city of sculpture.

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Located in the center Asahikawa City, Tokiwa Park offers a place of relaxation to citizens and tourists alike. There are several cultural facilities within the park, including Hokkaido Asahikawa Museum of Art, Asahikawa

Literary Museum and field sculptures. In addition, Kaimono koen which extends from JR Asahikawa Station to Tokiwa Park is Japan’s first pedestrian-only street. Many shops stand side by side on both sides of the street and sculptures exhibited in the open-air delight the eyes of the visitors. In mid-September “Kita no Megumi Tabe Marushe” (Hokkaido Local Produce Market) is held in both parks, bustling with a lot of people.


Tokiwa Park

MAPCODE: 79 373 741*36?

Address: Tokiwakoen, Asahikawa City



Kaimono koen(Shopping Park)

MAPCODE: 79 343 649*86?

Address: 7 Miyashitadori, Asahikawa City - 7 9Jo, Asahikawa City