Tokachi Ranch (White birch colonnade)


The orderly sight of a straight white birch colonnade.

Autumn, Sights, Summer, Winter

Tokachi ranch is a vast ranch located in the suburbs of Otofuke Town with a total area of 40 square kilometers. Its main tourist attractions include an observatory that offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Tokachi Plain and a gigantic Japanese emperor oak tree which is over 500 years old. Among them, a 1.3-km-long straight white birch colonnade is a beautiful scene that represents the Tokachi area and it transforms its appearance with the season – with the golden leaves in autumn and white snow in tranquil winter. The site is used for shooting various films and TV dramas, and this fact also attracts many people.

Moreover, within the ranch, horses are taken out in the snow for some exercise during the winter and this exercise in the snow is open to public viewing from mid-January to late February. However, please keep out of the restricted areas within the ranch for reasons of the prevention of livestock epidemics.


Tokachi Ranch (White birch colonnade)

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Address: 8-1 Komaba Namiki, Otofuke Town

Tel: 0155-44-2131