Scenic Café Churui


Open on weekends only! An open terrace that offers an outstanding panorama of the Hidaka Mountains and Tokachi Plain.

Autumn, Sights, Summer

“Scenic Café Churui” is an open terrace that opens on Saturdays and Sundays from July to September only within Churui Kyoei Ranch located on a small hill. As the name suggests it offers a spectacular view of the majestic Hidaka mountain ranges and vast Tokachi Plain from the height of 189m above sea level. During the opening period a few popular music concerts are held and visitors can help themselves to free coffee and tea served at the café area which is operated by local volunteers. A pleasant time can be spent here drinking coffee, staring at the grazing cows and relishing some peaceful moments.


Scenic Cafe Churui

MAPCODE: 396 172 786*34?

Address: Churui Toho, Makubetsu Town