Mikuni Pass


The highest mountain pass that looks down on the vast sea of trees in autumn hues.

Autumn, Sights

At an altitude of 1,139m lies Mikuni Pass which is the highest mountain pass in Hokkaido. From its observatory, visitors can look down on the superbly vast sea of trees including Sakhalin fir, yezo spruce, Erman’s birch and white birch. The main attraction of Mikuni Pass is the landscape that can be seen from the observation platform and the scenery that can be viewed down from Matsumi Ohashi Bridge, a representative feature of Mikuni Pass. Looking down on the huge and extensive sea of trees makes everyone realize the vastness of Hokkaido. The pass enables visitors to enjoy nature in all four seasons but this place in particular offers the view of beautiful scenery with autumn leaves earlier than any other place. The sea of clouds covering the sea of trees can be seen depending on the season.


Mikuni Pass

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Address: Horoka, Kamishihoro Town