Tokachigawa Onsen: Sairinka


A forest of fantastical light that colors midwinter nights

Events, Experiences, Sights, Winter

From around early December to mid-March each year, close to 1,000 swans fly to the Tokachi River waterfront right nearby Tokachigawa Onsen to brave the winter. Sairinka is an event held for those swans from late January to late February.

The main part of the event is a fantasy show entailing the appearance of an unreal space comprised of sound and around 600 light objects. The show is held a total of four times. In addition to the fantasy show, there are many luxurious events that visitors can witness and experience, such as the hand bath featuring spring water right from the source, frozen soap bubbles, large snow slides, and more.



MAPCODE: 369 666 249*12?

Address: 14 Tokachigawaonsen-Kita, Otofuke Town