Rikubetsu Space Earth Science Museum (Forest Observatory of the Galaxy)


Have all the stars to yourself! Deluxe observation.

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In Rikubetsu Town, the January’s average lowest temperature falls lower than 20℃ below freezing point so the town is known as “the coldest town in Japan”. Rikubetsu Town, however, is also famous as the town with a beautiful starry sky. At “Forest Observatory of the Galaxy”, the seasonal starry sky can be observed through the 115-cm telescope, one of the largest ones in Japan, making the observers feel so close to the stars as if they were in a planetarium. On a clear day, twinkling stars can be observed even during the day. Generally, it is said that stars are more clearly visible on cold nights in autumn or winter so why not observe the gorgeous starry sky in the coldest town in Japan?


Forest Observatory of the Galaxy

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Address: Uenbetsu, Rikubetsu Town

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