Sandandaki Park


A little-known great natural spot for resting.

Autumn, Sights, Spring

When driving from the Sapporo area toward the Furano/Biei area, the recommended route is to drive on Route 452 that has less traffic and lets you drive through nature. Sandandaki Park is alongside the national Route in Ashibetsu City. Sandandaki is not a very big waterfall but it has a distinctive sight with the water falling on a strange three-level step-like rock and visitors can get a close look from the promenade alongside the river and the observatory ahead of the promenade.

Sandandaki increases its volume from April to June as a result of meltwater so much so that spray from the waterfall reaches the observatory and the sight looks rather powerful and impressive. In October the scenery is outstandingly beautiful with perfect collaboration with colorful autumn leaves.


Sandandaki Park

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Address: Ashibetsu, Ashibetsu City