Canola Flower Fields (Takikawa)


A town where there’s an outspread carpet of yellow

Events, Sights, Spring

Takikawa City is a town where Canola cultivation is active and boasts one of the largest crops in Japan in terms of area. Around late May, the beautiful yellow flower gardens stretch around as far as the eye can see like a carpet.

In mid May, when it’s best to see the flowers, there is also an event held called the Takikawa Nanohana (Canola) Festival. In addition to being able to enjoy Canola flower gardens while traveling by bus and so on, visitors can also get a taste of the local cuisine, such as Jingisukan (“Genghis Khan”) dish.


Canola Flower Fields Festival (Takikawa)

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Address: 3949-14 Ebeotsucho, Takikawa City