Ayame Park and Iwamizawa Park Rose Garden


A competition between irises and roses

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There are two parks in Iwamizawa City where visitors can enjoy flowers.

Ayame Park features grounds which span 42,000 square meters where you’ll find 12,000 stumps of irises and sweet flags in 168 varieties. The best time to see them is from late June to early July.

Iwamizawa Park features grounds which span 40,000 square meters boasts 8,800 stumps of roses, rugosa roses and more with 630 varieties of flowers. The best time to see flowers in this park is from late June to the middle of October; what you’ll see varies depending on the time of year.

From late June to early July (which is the best time to see irises and roses), flower-related events are held, such as the Iwamizawa Rose Festa and the Iwamizawa Saika Festival. Many tourists come to each and every year.

Both parks are open from mid-April through to early November.


Ayame Park

MAPCODE: 180 033 554*18?

Address: 3 Midorigaoka, Iwamizawa City

Tel: 0126-23-9156



Iwamizawa Park Rose Garden

MAPCODE: 803 244 738*44?

Address: 794 Kamishibuncho, Iwamizawa City

Tel: 0126-25-6111