Himawari-no-Sato (Sunflower Field) (Hokuryu)


Japan’s largest sunflower field

Sights, Summer

Hokuryu Town boasts of the largest acreage of sunflowers in Japan.

At Himawari-no-Sato (located in Hokuryu Town), visitors can get look at a stunning view of an entire hill colored in yellow as 1.5 million sunflowers (planted on expansive grounds that are 230,000 square meters in size) come into full bloom from mid-July to around late August.

At Himawari-no-Sato, there is also the World Sunflower Corner, which serves to display mazes made out of tall sunflowers, red sunflowers and other items, as well as a touring car that goes right around Himawari-no-Sato, rental bicycles, and more.


Himawari-no-Sato (Hokuryu)

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Address: 143-2 Itaya, Hokuryu Town