Sorachi Wine


Visiting the production area of wine.

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Hokkaido, having a cool summer with a significant temperature difference between day and night, falls in the same climatic division as Germany and France’s Champagne region, and as a result a large amount of grapes for wine are being produced. Many wineries and vineyards are found in the Sorachi Area and in recent years, many attempts have been made to turn wine of this area into a tourist attraction. In this area from around August to September every year, various wine-related events including “Sorachi Wine Picnic (Iwamizawa City)” and “Sorachi Wine & Wine Festa (Takikawa City)” are organized.

Additionally, Tsuruyuma Winery in Urausu Town is the largest vineyard in Japan for growing grapes for brewing and a vineyard very much like European rural landscapes extends for miles.


Sorachi Wine and Wine Festa

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Address: 76-1 Nishitakikawa, Takikawa City



Tsurumuma Winery

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Address: 428-17 Osatsunai, Urausu Town

Tel: 0125-68-2646