Teuri Island


A paradise for seabirds: Teuri Island

Sights, Spring, Summer

Teuri Island is accessible by ferries and high-speed boats that run from Haboro Town. The island is small with circumference of around 12km; it is quite simply a paradise for seabirds, with close to a million of them living on an escarpment over a hundred meters in tall and found on the western part of the island. Teuri Island is the number one breeding ground in the world for the rhinoceros auklet and 800,000 of them call this place home. In the evening during the period of June to around early July, visitors can see flocks returning to their nests which are so big that they almost cover the entire sky. What’s more, if you’re lucky, you also might be able to see the common guillemot (also called the ororon bird), an endangered species not found anywhere else in Japan except for Teuri Island.

When you go observe these birds, we recommend going to the Cape Kannon Observatory, where a panoramic view of the home of the seabirds can be seen, and the Akaiwa Observatory, which is close to their breeding grounds. What’s more, visitors can observe rare seabirds such as spectacled guillemot at the seabird observation house as well.

Why not make a visit for some bird watching at Teuri Island, a place where many rare seabirds call home?


Teuri Island

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