Mt. Apoi Geopark


Town that is undeniably the work of Earth.

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A geopark is a program first introduced in Europe for the preservation and utilization of geological resources and such. “World Geoparks” is regarded as one of UNESCO’s official programs, aiming to utilize them not only for educational purposes but also for the revitalization of local areas, making them new tourist attractions.

Mt. Apoi Geopark in Samani Town is one of the 8 World Geoparks currently designated in Japan. The geopark is full of precious natural characteristics that can only been seen here, including a variety of peridotites surfaced from deep underground as a result of crustal movements, mountains and valleys formed with peridotites, alpine plants that grow at an altitude of 800 m, many species unique to Mt. Apoi and oddly-shaped rocks on the beach which are formed as magma cooled down and set rock-hard.

The visitor center built at the foot of Mt. Apoi provides detailed information for the visitors to learn more about the geopark. The visitor center is open from April to November.


Mt. Apoi Geopark Visitor Center

MAPCODE: 712 404 090*58?

Address: 479-7 Hirau, Samani Town

Tel: 0146-36-3601


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