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The Hidaka District that lies on the southeast of the Hidaka Mountains has a concentration of racehorse ranches, accounting for approximately 80% of the racehorse ranches in Japan. The district is indeed “Japan’s top racehorse producer”.

A recommended place to visit is “Thoroughbred Ginza Parking Area” in Niikappu Town where horses leisurely graze and relax on vastly extending ranches that can be viewed from a height. Apart from the parking area, there are many other facilities relating to racehorses in this area, including “Yushun Village AERU” (Urakawa Town) where horse riding can be enjoyed even during winter and “Monbetsu Racecourse” (Hidaka Town) where fantastic night horse racing can be viewed.

Please be reminded to adhere to essential rules around horses such as not entering the ranch without permission, not making loud noises, and/or not using flash when taking a photo of a horse, as horses are timid creatures.

(Rules & Manners of Visiting Racehorse Ranches:


Thoroughbred Ginza parking park

MAPCODE: 551 127 503*58?

Address: 551 Takae, Niikappu Town



Yushun Village AERU

MAPCODE: 564 387 694*08?

Address: 141-40 Nishicha, Urakawa Town

Tel: 0146-28-2111




MAPCODE: 442 421 132*15?

Address: 76 Tomikawa Komaoka, Hidaka Town

Tel: 01456-2-4110