Cape Erimo


The land that exists with the wind.

Autumn, Sights, Spring, Summer, Winter

Cape Erimo is located at the southernmost end of the Hidaka Mountains, which is known as the spine of Hokkaido. A strip of reef extends for 2 km offshore from the tip of the cape, looking as if the steep Hidaka Mountains are gradually being sucked into the Pacific Ocean. A herd of seals relaxing on the reef can be observed.

Cape Erimo is one of the windiest areas in Japan with winds of 10 m/s or more in speed blow for more than 260 days a year. Cape Erimo once suffered from serious desertification as a result of deforestation and the presence of these strong winds, deeply affecting the fishery and people’s lives. Faced with such environmental destruction, the area made a long and painstaking effort to address this problem with an afforestation project and eventually it paid off and the current natural environment was regained.

“Kaze no Yakata” sitting on Cape Erimo has a section which enables visitors to experience “The Wind of Erimo” with maximum wind speed of 25 m/s and an observation room from which a herd of seals can be observed. “Kaze no Yakata” is closed between December and February except January 1 just for viewing the sunrise on New Year’s Day.


Cape Erimo "Museum of Wind"

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