Mt. Usu


A boardwalk stroll where you’ll get a sense of the volcanic activity

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When you arrive at the Usuzan Sancho (Summit of Mt.Usu) Gondla Station of Mt. Usu by ropeway, you’ll find the magnificent landscape of Lake Toya and Mt. Showa-Shinzan stretched out before your eyes. Walking down the boardwalk (where you can both learn and feel) on Mt. Usu from the Sancho Station means that you’ll get a glimpse of volcanic vents that continue to be active even now. June is when it’s best to see the contrast between the colors of the new greenery and the mountain surface. Nearby is the Volcano Science Museum; there, visitors can learn about the history of Mt. Usu and the mechanisms behind volcanic eruptions. In addition, visitors can get a look at preserved eruption damage that has been left as-is, meaning that you can learn about what disaster conditions were like at the time.

(Open: May-October)


Usuzan Ropeway

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Address: 184-5,Showashinzan, Sobetsu Town

Tel: 0142-75-2401


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Volcano Science Center

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Address: 142-5Toyakoonsencho, Toyako Town

Tel: 0142-75-2555