Temiya Park


A park for the citizenry to rest which overlooks Otaru Port from a highland

Autumn, Culture, Sights, Spring, Summer, Winter

This park is found on a low hill at the rear of the Otaru City General Museum in the north of Otaru City; this is where in early to mid May, around 700 cherry trees come into full bloom. The Otaru townscape seen past the cherry blossoms along with the Otaru Port stretching out before one’s eyes are really sights to behold. In terms of natural wooded areas, there is a chestnut forest (said to the be northernmost of its kind) and the Ryokuka Botanical Garden, making the place widely popular with the citizenry on a routine basis, with this being even more so the case during the cherry blossom season. Located nearby is the Temiya Cave, which is known for carvings (hollow relief) made by ancient peoples on the rock walls. This makes for a park brimming with romanticism.


Temiya Park

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Otaru Museum

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