Niseko Panorama Line


A scenic road for a pleasant drive looking out to the Japan Sea and Mt. Yotei.

Autumn, Sights, Spring, Summer

A section from Iwanai Town to JR Niseko Station on Prefectural Road 66 is called, “Niseko Panorama Line”, for its outstandingly beautiful views. It is one of the popular routes for driving around Hokkaido. Gorgeous marshes such as Shinsen Marsh and Naganuma marsh are scattered around.

On Niseko Panorama Line, Shakotan Peninsula can be seen from the Kyowa Town side, and Mt. Yotei and Niseko Mountain Range from the Rankoshi Town side, and this makes it a popular scenic outlook location to view landscape unique to Hokkaido, including the tender green mountain ridgelines and vivid autumn leaves. Normally, the road is closed from late October to late April.


Shinsen Marsh/ Naganuma

MAPCODE: 398 551 672*54?

Address: 1453 Maeda Kucchan-Kokuyurin, Kyowa Town