Nakasato Scenic View Spot Parking


A scenic view spot for looking at the Yotei Twins.

Autumn, Sights, Spring, Summer

“Nakasato Scenic View Spot Parking”, found along Route 276 in the Nakasato Area of Kimobetsu Town is an excellent photo-shooting spot with Mt. Shiribetsu on the left and Mt. Yotei on the right looking almost identical in size and shape just like twins. These two mountains are called “the Yotei Twins” and when the weather permits, they can be viewed throughout the year but in particular it is recommended to view them in the season of fresh, tender greens just after the snow melts.

In addition, from the Misono Area of Kimobetsu Town the two mountains look as if they are nestling close to one another. “The Yotei Twins” from this spot are just as good for viewing.


Nakasato Scenic View Spot Parking

MAPCODE: 759 301 825*37?

Address: Nakasato, Kimobetsu Town