Shimamui Coast


Shimamui Coast, a beach where a sea shining in a turquoise blue lies outstretched just beyond a tunnel

Sights, Spring, Summer

The beauty of the sea at Shakotan Peninsula is so beautiful and famous that people refer it’s beauty as Shakotan Blue. Shimamui Coast is a coastal line possessing a mystical kind of beauty that’s also highly crystalline. Once you leave a tunnel about 30m in length to the Observatory, you’ll be overlooking a highly crystalline coastline (referred to as Shakotan Blue) stretching out under your eyes. There are also stairs leading down to the coast, meaning visitors can get right up next to and see the crystalline ocean. At the beginning of summer, Ezokanzo (Ezo daylily) flowers add color to the cliff.


Shimamui Coast

MAPCODE: 932 747 229*03?

Address: Irikacho, Shakotan Town