Cape Ogon (Golden Point)


Ougonmisaki, a place that overlooks Bikuni Town

Sights, Spring, Summer

The beauty of the sea at Shakotan Peninsula is so beautiful and famous that people refer it’s beauty as Shakotan Blue. Cape Ogon has trails maintained which lead to an observatory at the tip of the cape starting from entrances at three locations. From the observatory, visitors can take in an extensive view of the clear blue Japan Sea, the coastline of Shakotan where the steep cliffs continue off into the distance, and furthermore, Takara Island (literally meanstreasure island), a symbol of Bikuni Town. Takara Island is said to have got its name from the fact that large schools of Pacific herring would rush to the area, which bestowed great richness to the island. The little floating island found close by is called “Gome Island” due to its resemblance to seagulls referred to as “gome” when they’re resting their wings. The ocean in the Takara Island periphery is also very popular as a scuba diving spot.


Ougonmisaki (Golden Cape)

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Address: Bikunicho, Shakotan Town