Otaru Yuki Akari-no-Michi (Otaru Snow Light Path)


Candle lamplights with a warmth that colors the waterway

Events, Sights, Winter

The Otaru waterway was completed in 1923 and in 1986 the walking path was installed. The group of stone-made warehouses found along the waterway were reused and made into restaurants and so on while maintaining what they looked like when built. What’s more, there are 63 gas lanterns found along the waterway that light up the stone-made warehouses at nightfall, which creates an atmosphere that’s different than that found in the afternoon.

The Otaru Yuki Akari-no-Michi (Otaru Snow Light Path) is a fantastical event entailing the gentle illumination of an old townscape with candle lamplights. The event is held mainly at the waterway venue and at the Temiya venue. At the waterway venue, there are glass float candles in the motif of old fishing tools, and at the Temiya venue, there are snow candles gently lit alight along with imaginative and original objects; items at both venues produce a fantastical winter night.

The light path venues, such as the Asarigawa Onsen venue and the Tenguyama venue are also popular and entertain visitors with the warmth of gently lit candles.