Mt. Tengu


Night view from Mt. Tengu looking down on the commercial city of Otaru.

Autumn, Sights, Spring, Summer, Winter

Mt. Tengu is one of the three best spots in Hokkaido to enjoy a night view, together with Mt. Moiwa of Sapporo City and Mt. Hakodate of Hakodate City. From there, the night view includes the streets of Otaru and Ishikari Bay as the main features. On the mountain top, a sargent cherry tree which is over 100 years old called “Tenguzakura” stands and it is famous for being the last to blossom in Otaru. The tree is lit up at night, wrapping itself with an enigmatic atmosphere.

Mt. Tengu is a place that offers year-around entertainment starting with cherry blossoms in spring, a pleasant walk or climbing in summer, autumn leaves in autumn and snow-related activities, including skiing, in winter. Wild chipmunks can be seen in Shimarisu Koen (Chipmunk Park, free admission) from June to October.


Mt. Tengu

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Address: 2-16-14 Mogami, Otaru City