Spring water of Mt. Yotei


Acclaimed water that springs out in the foothill of Mt. Yotei after several decades.

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Rain and snow that fall on the foothill of Mt. Yotei become spring water rich in minerals after several decades and springs out all over the area. In Kyogoku Town’s Fukidashi Park, wooden water guides are set up for collecting water. Also in Makkari Village’s “Mt. Yotei’s Spring Water”, a faucet is installed for ease of collecting water and there is a tofu store close by which makes tofu with this spring water. There is spring water named “the best water in Japan” found across JR Kutchan Station and this spring water is supplied to residents in the town.

Spring water in Kyogoku Town and Makkari Village is selected as acclaimed water that represents Japan.


Fukidashi Park

MAPCODE: 385 674 718*87?

Address: 45-1 Kawanishi, Kyogoku Town

Tel: 0136-42-2292



Yoteizan-no-wakimizu(Spring Water of Mt. Yotei)

MAPCODE: 385 393 653*60?

Address: Yashiro, Makkari Village