Hills of Biei


Biei no Oka, a spot that appears different depending on when you’re looking

Autumn, Sights, Spring, Summer, Winter

This is Biei Town, which is known as a town of beautiful hills. Farmland stretches out into the distance on both sides of the road running through the gentle hilly terrain. This road was given the name “Patchwork-no-Michi “(Patchwork Road) due to the various interweaving patterns seemingly created by the flowers and crops. Around July to August each year, agricultural cultivation in this region leads the thriving wheat sprouting golden-colored ears. You’ll also find the greenery of other crops, windbreak forests in the periphery, as well as the Tokachi mountain ranges stretching out into the distance. The resulting collaboration of these elements is magnificent.

What’s more, on a hill that’s turned brown after the harvest is done in autumn, the green-colored winter wheat shoots and trees colored in yellow and red add color to the area. This creates a spectacular scene that’s different than what you’ll see in the summer. A landscape referred to as “Mame Nio” is comprised of harvested beans piled up to dry in the sun, a seasonal tradition of autumn.

This scenery is something you’re able to see precisely because of the farming taking place in the area. So please do not go into the farmland for any reason.


Zerubu Hills & Atoms Hills

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Address: Daisan, Omura, Biei Town



Ken & Marry Tree

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Address: Okubokyosei, Omura, Biei Town