Matsumae Park/Matsumae Cherry Blossom Festival


Castles and cherry blossoms that color the Japanese springtime

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Matsumae Town was the only castle town in Hokkaido and the northernmost such town in Japan. Matsumae Park features lined-up historical buildings, including Matsumae Castle. It is also one of the more popular venues for cherry blossoms in southern Hokkaido. You’ll no doubt feel the Japanese springtime within the cherry blossoms blooming with the reconstructed Matsumae Castle tower in the background. During late April to mid-May when the cherry blossoms are at their best, the Matsumae Cherry Blossom Festival is held. This festival is where visitors can get their fill of nighttime cherry blossoms that have been lit up.

What’s more, at the Matsumae Clan Mansion (a reproduction of the Matsumae Castle town), we recommend the experience of walking through the mansion wearing armor and kimonos. (Open: early April-late October)


Matsumae Park

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Matsumaehan Yashiki

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