Shirotai Ranch


A panorama spot where even Mt. Hakodate can be seen.

Autumn, Sights, Spring, Summer

“Shirotai Ranch”, a municipal ranch spreading on the slope of Mt. Nanaedake, is not only the place to enjoy the landscape unique to Hokkaido’s ranches but also an excellent spot to observe the splendid panoramic view of Mt. Komagatake in the north, Mt. Hakodate in the south and Ono Plain consisting of rice paddies and fields spreading right below. At the indoor observatory, tourist information of surrounding areas is provided and specialty products of Nanae Town are sold. Did you know that there was a rear side to the world-famous night view of Hakodate? Particularly at dusk, the amazing rear side of Hakodate’s night view together with Mt. Hakodate can be seen from Shirotai Ranch.

(Open: late April – mid-November)


Shirotai Ranch

MAPCODE: 86 610 294*11?

Address: Kamifujishiro, Nanae Town