Active Volcano Mt. Esan


Purplish red Azalea flowers that color the active volcano, Mt. Esan

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Mt. Esan is an active volcano that continues to emit volcanic smoke and has been an object of religious faith as a hallowed ground since long ago. Visitors can climb up to the vicinity of the crater (which sports an exposed reddish-brown surface) by car. Despite the low elevation of the mountain, there is an outstretched view of more than sixty kinds of alpine plants in bloom.

Covering the whole vicinity of the mountain skirt are the gregarious Azalea flowers. In late May when these flower bloom, the Mt. Esan Azalea Festival is held. The scenery of the radiant purplish red Azalea flowers extending all around is worth seeing.


Active Volcano Mt. Esan

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Address: Kashiwanocho, Hakodate City



Esan Azalea Festival

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Address: 117 Kashiwanocho, Hakodate City