Shirohige (White Beard) Falls / Aoi Ike (Blue Pond)


A world of ice blue that can only be seen in the wintertime

Sights, Winter

The Shirohige (White Beard) Falls features a drop of thirty meters from the Biei River (called the “Blue River”). The appearance of the spring water falling strands make its look just like a white beard. In the wintertime, the contrast between the frozen waterfall and the blueish river is beautiful. At nighttime when things are lit up, the whole place changes into a mystical space. What’s more, the Blue Pond nearby Shirohige Waterfall freezes in the winter, and when it’s lit up in the night, the withered trees silently emerge at the surface in a fantastical fashion. Right nearby is Biei Shirogane Onsen, a hot spring that will warm your cold body featuring water flowing 100% directly from the hot spring source.