Mt. Hakodate in the Winter


The evening view that shines even greater in the winter

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The evening view of Hakodate is counted as one of the three major night views of the world. We recommend seeing it in the middle of winter. The cold is severe, but you will without a doubt be able to come face to face with a more beautiful night view that cannot be seen during the summer. The air becomes perfectly clear and the light of the town reflects off the snow to create a night view that shines even more.

During the Hakodate Illumination event, held from November to March, an infinite number of illumination displays light up in the town of Hakodate. What’s more, during the Hakodate Christmas Fantasy event held in December, there is a giant Christmas tree of 20m in height shining in the bay area, and at 6 PM every night, there are fireworks launched. How about getting a look at the fantastical streets of Hakodate that are also beautiful when seen from the summit of Mt. Hakodate?


Mt. Hakodate

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Hakodate Christmas Fantasy

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Address: 11 Toyokawacho, Hakodate City



Hakodate Illumination

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Address: Wakamatsucho, Hakodate City