Trappist Monastery


Special sweets made by the men of the monastery

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Proceed down a beautiful tree-lined road with a drifting atmosphere that’s both quiet and majestic, to find the Trappist monastery just ahead; it is the first male monastery in Japan. Butter, cookies and other treats made here are famous as souvenirs representative of Hokkaido. In particular, the special thick soft-serve ice cream made with local fresh milk kneaded with Trappist fermented butter is a masterpiece that cannot be tasted anywhere else.

What’s more, the spacious grassland and rows of trees that can be seen from the monastery present visitors with wonder that cannot be expressed using words. If the weather is good, the view will allow you to see all the way to Mt. Hakodate floating in the ocean. In December is when a romantic light up even is held, where rows of poplar trees are illuminated to create a world of fantastical light.


Trappist Monastery

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Address: 392 Mitsuishi, Hokuto City