Funka Bay Panorama Park


A park on a hilltop with a grand view.

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A panorama of gently sloping hills, beautiful trees and Funka Bay spread widely ahead at “Funka Bay Panorama Park”. As it is directly connected to an expressway, it is a convenient place to stop and take a break. Within the vast site there are plenty of things to do including Adventure Square, with lots of play equipment so even adults can be amused, park-golf courses and disk golf courses. The Visitor Center has a “Kids Arena” for children to play even if it’s raining outside. There is also a restaurant nearby, serving locally grown vegetables and fried chicken for local consumption. Delicious food can be enjoyed with a large serving of fantastic views.


Funka Bay Panorama Park

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Address: 368-8 Hamamatsu, Yakumo Town

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