Furano Wine


A winery with a carpet of blooming lavender.

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Wine production in Furano began in 1972. The climate of Furano Basin is apparently perfect for growing grapes, the raw ingredient for wine. In addition to favorable climate conditions, Furano Winery has made efforts to improve grape-growing techniques and winemaking technologies and as a result, Furano wine can now boast quality that has won it many awards at national wine competitions. The brick wall factory welcomes visitors to tour around it and the lavender blooming on the site is outstandingly beautiful.

In early September, Furano Wine Festival is held to celebrate the harvesting of grapes. It is a very lively festival attracting many people with entertainment such as the demonstration of traditional “barefoot grape crushing”.


Frano Wine Factory

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Address: Shimizuyama, Furano City

Tel: 0167-22-3242



Furano Wine Festival

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Address: 1 Asahimachi, Furano City