Ueno Farm – Hokkaido Garden Pass

上野ファーム ~北海道ガーデン街道~

With rural landscapes unfolding in all directions, gardens have a strong Hokkaido ambience.

Autumn, Sights, Spring, Summer

Approximately 250km in total length, Hokkaido Garden Pass connects landscapes distinctive to Hokkaido and eight attractive tourist gardens found in Daisetsu, Furano and Tokachi. One of these gardens is Ueno Farm and the garden was formed as the owner planted flowers along the ridges between rice fields to please customers who came to buy some rice.

Today Mother’s Garden and Gnomes’ Garden, created with a combination of various seasonal plants to suit Hokkaido’s climate, are open to the public, allowing the visitors to appreciate and admire many kinds of beautiful flowers. Its garden shop selling seedlings/young plants and gifts is also gaining popularity.(Open: late April-mid-October)


Ueno Farm – Hokkaido Garden Pass

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