Lake Saroma


Lake Saroma, a lake that has every bit of the superb landscapes of Okhotsk.

Autumn, Sights

Lake Saroma is a blackish lake divided by the Sea of Okhotsk by the sandspit. It is the third largest lake in Japan and scallops and oysters are cultured in the lake. From “Lake Saroma Observatory” standing almost in the center of the lakeside, impressive landscapes including not only the lake itself but also the sandpit which divides between the Sea of Okhotsk and the lake as well as the ranging mountains of Shiretoko can be viewed. “Cape Kimuaneppu” jutting out to the southeast is renowned for its superb sunset view but the area also has a wide range of native floras (plants). Approximately 50 kinds of flora blossom in full bloom from early summer through to autumn. Additionally, the colony of “sangoso” (common glasswort) turns red from mid-September until early October making the wide area of the land looks as if someone laid out a red carpet.


Lake Saroma Observatory

MAPCODE: 955 055 357*38?

Address: Naniwa, Saroma Town



Cape Kimuaneppu

MAPCODE: 525 664 485*75?

Address: Horoiwa, Saroma Town