Maruseppu Forest Park Ikoi no Mori (Forest of Leisure)

丸瀬布森林公園 いこいの森

Take a ride on a steam locomotive Amemiya 21, a Hokkaido Heritage.

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Within the park which has made the most of its natural landscapes, including a forest and a river, visitors can take a ride on the Forest Railway Steam Locomotive (SL) Amemiya 21, which is selected as one of the Hokkaido Heritages. This is the only place in Japan where the Forest Railway SL train is preserved in perfect working condition and is also in service. Scenery viewed from the SL that travels through the landscape of vividly colored surrounding mountains and trees within the park is exceptional.

(Open: late April – late October)


Maruseppu Forest Park Ikoi no Mori (Forest of Leisure)

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Address: 80 Maruseppu Kamimurii, Engaru Town

Tel: 0158-47-2466