Wakka Abiogenesis Flower Garden


Large community of beach plants spreading on the sandbank.

Experiences, Sights, Spring, Summer

Wakka Abiogenesis Flower Garden is a large community of beach plants spreading on the sandbank that divides the Sea of Okhotsk and Lake Saroma. It is also designated as a Hokkaido heritage site.

From around June to July, various herbaceous plants bear flowers and the sandbank looks full of vitality. At Lake Saroma Nature Center within the Garden, visitors can obtain deep knowledge of the abiogenesis flower garden through panel displays and a diorama as well as rent bikes or get on a sightseeing carriage to tour around the garden.

(Open: late April – early October)


Wakka Abiogenesis Flower Garden

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Address: 242-1 Tokorocho Sakaeura, Kitami City

Tel: 0152-54-3434