Highland Koshimizu 725


A bird’s eye view of the sea of clouds and the grand panorama.

Autumn, Sights, Spring, Summer

Built on the seventh station of Mt. Mokoto at the height of 725m, “Highland Koshimizu 725” offers the pleasant experience of overlooking the grand panorama stretching across the eastern Hokkaido region including the Sea of Okhotsk, Shiretoko mountain range, Lake Kussharo and Mt. Io. On early mornings from June to September when the sun is about to come out, if the meteorological conditions are met, you can encounter a magical view of the sea of clouds reflecting the sunrise glow.

(Open: May - October)


Highland Koshimizu 725

MAPCODE: 638 447 145*11?

Address: 1,Mokotoyama, Koshimizu Town

Tel: 090-3119-6080


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