Tsubetsu Pass Observatory


A perfect place for the sea of clouds.

Autumn, Sights, Spring, Summer

Tsubetsu Pass lies at an altitude of 947m on the border of Tsubetsu Town and Teshikaga Town. Tsubetsu Pass Observatory has an appearance of a medieval European castle and offers visitors a widely-stretching panoramic view of the Sea of Okhotsk across Lake Kussharo, Mt. Meakandake and Mt. Oakandake, and even the mountain range of Daisetsu. This is also the pass that has more days which the sea of clouds is formed than other places. In early morning, the sun rises beyond the sea of clouds which spreads over Lake Kussharo and dyes them with the morning sunlight creating such a fantastic sight.

(Open: June – October)


Tsubetsu Pass Observatory

MAPCODE: 739 867 881*55?

Address: 716 Kamisato, Tsubetsu Town