Daisetsuzan Mt. Asahidake/Susoaidaira


A field of alpine flowers where you can visit via a ropeway.

Experiences, Sights, Summer

Mt. Asahidake is the highest mountain in Hokkaido with an altitude of 2,291 m. Near the top of the mountain a field of about 360 kinds of alpine flowers spread across in summer. A ropeway takes visitors to Sugatami Station at an altitude of 1,600 m and at “Susoaidaira” located about a 2-hour walk away from Sugatami Station, a large community of alpine flowers can be seen from mid- to later July.

It is a section with fairly gentle ups and downs and it is recommended to those who are not so keen on climbing but would like to appreciate the view of alpine flora.


Daisetsuzan Mt. Asahidake/Susoaidaira

MAPCODE: 796 861 036*72?

Address: Asahidake Onsen, Yukomambetsu, Higashikawa Town