Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden


A natural wild flower garden blooming in profusion

Experiences, Sights, Spring, Summer

Koshimizu Primeval Flower Garden is a wild flower garden found between the Sea of Okhotsk and Lake Tofutsu. It stretches out along a long and thin sand bank of 8km in length. It’s also been chosen as a Hokkaido Prefecture heritage site, where visitors can enjoy around 40 varieties of flowers at different times of the year. During mid-June to late July in particular, is when the primeval flower garden is bustling at it’s most beautiful due to being colored by an array of splendid flowers.

What’s more, at “Hana”, an information center which introduces visitors to the four seasons of Koshimizu, people can enjoy a large-screen theater showing flowers blooming in the garden in the prime of their lives regardless of the season, weather and other factors. Visitors can also rent bicycles free-of-charge to traverse the periphery of the garden.

“Hana” is open between May and October.


Koshimizu Gensei Kaen (Koshimizu Wild Flower Preserve)

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Address: Hamakoshimizu, Koshimizu Town

Tel: 0152-63-4187