Kando no Michi (Inspirational Road)


An encounter with a myriad of rural sceneries.

Autumn, Sights, Summer

The eastern part of Abashiri City is a vast upland cropping area for three major field crops, wheat, beets and potatoes. Particularly, the road that extends from Memambetsu to Masuura of Abashiri City is named “Kando no Michi” or Inspirational Road, serving as an enjoyable route for driving. Sceneries of the shimmering silvery water of Lake Abashiri, the sensational contrast of deep blue of the Sea of Okhotsk and the vivid green of the field crops and the mountain range of Shiretoko viewed from scenic outlook car parks are something that makes visitors instantly fall in love with. The best time to visit is from July, the season of good green crop growth through to September, the time of harvest.