Asahigaoka Park


Sunflowers blooming in autumn.

Autumn, Sights

Many people regard sunflowers as “summer flowers” without hesitation. However, at Asahigaoka Park in Ozora Town a landscape with hundreds of thousands of sunflowers in full bloom can be seen in autumn. Beneath the clear blue autumn sky, enjoy sunflowers blooming in the extensive field.

Also, there is a hill called Märchen no Oka nearby, with a car park, “viewpoint parking” at which such a beautiful landscape unique to Hokkaido stretches ahead, making drivers want to stop by and admire the view. This is a viewpoint offering relaxing countryside scenery featuring a series of fields on a gentle hillside and blue sky above.


Märchen no Oka (A fairytale hill)

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Address: Memambetsu Showa, Ozora Town



Asahigaoka Park

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Address: 44-2 Memambetsu Asahi, Ozora Town