Drift Ice (Abashiri City)


Drift ice covering the Sea of Okhotsk

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Drift ice born way off around Siberia surges into the coastal area of the Sea of Okhotsk after riding the seasonal winds. From the time of their appearance alongside the coast in early February to when the ocean opens up in late March, the sea becomes completely buried in ice, with the result being a transformation into a world of solid white. Seeing the drift ice from atop the ocean in a drift ice-breaking ship, is both a powerful and popular experience. Some other popular spots to drive to are Cape Notoro, where visitors can overlook an ocean buried in drift ice, as well as the observatory at JR Kitahama Station, where you can see drift ice right up close on the coast.

Also, in mid-February there is the Abashiri Okhotsk Drift Ice Festival. There, visitors will find spectacular large snow sculptures and beautifully crystalline ice sculptures lined up one after another, as well as a light-up event in the evening, making for the looming of a fantastical atmosphere.


Cape Notoro

MAPCODE: 991 104 012*64?

Address: Misaki, Abashiri City



Drift ice sightseeing Icebreaker "Aurora"

MAPCODE: 305 678 310?

Address: 4 Minami3-Johigashi, Abashiri City (Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Rest Areas) Ryūhyō-Kaidō Abashiri)



JR Kitahama Station

MAPCODE: 305 447 653*00?

Address: 365-1 Kitahama, Abashiri City



Abashiri Okhotsk Drift Ice Festival

MAPCODE: 305 679 045*22?

Address: Minatomachi, Abashiri City