Po-gawa River Site Natural Park


Get in touch with the natural surroundings and history of Shiretoko at an outdoor museum

Culture, Sights, Spring, Summer

The Shibetsu Marsh, which stretches out within the Po River watershed, is also designated as a national natural treasure. The Po River Historic and Natural Park is a vast area spanning a total of 6.3 square kilometers that combines wetlands, the Ichanikarikariusu Ruins (a nationally designated historic site) and more. It’s a place where people can come to learn about the nature and history of Shiretoko. During May to August every year, precious wetland plants bloom in great numbers.

(Open: late April-late November)


Po-gawa River Site Natural Park

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Address: 2784,Ichani, Shibetsu Town

Tel: 0153-82-3674


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