Shiretoko Goko Lakes (Five Lakes)


A stroll at a beautiful world natural heritage lakes

Experiences, Sights, Spring, Summer

Shiretoko Goko Lakes consist of five small lakes that are just about in the middle of the Shiretoko Peninsula. The tender green season is particularly beautiful, with gregarious white skunk cabbage seen all around starting in mid May.

The periphery of the area is home to brown bears. Visitors do risk the chance of meeting them, so in order to make your way through the above-ground walking trail during May to late July, you will need to participate in tours where you’ll be accompanied by a professional guide. The elevated wooden path suspended above Ichi-ko (Lake No.1) can be crossed by anyone, which means that visitors to the area can enjoy a stunning view of the Shiretoko mountain range.


Shiretoko Goko Lakes (Five Lakes)

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