Kaiyodai Prospects Building


A spectacular landscape visible from space.

Autumn, Sights, Spring, Summer

The 330-degree panorama viewed from Kaiyodai Prospects Building which stands on a plateau at an altitude of 270m is such a magnificent panorama that the horizon is rounded, enabling visitors to witness and experience the vastness of Hokkaido. Also, visible from here is Konsen Plateau Latticed Windbreak Forest which was selected as a Hokkaido Heritage. This forest of Japanese larch is so vast it’s even visible from the Space Shuttle. The forest is tinted with bright green from spring to summer and it turns gold in autumn.

The building’s rooftop is always open. The facilities within the building are available from late April to October.


Kaiyodai Prospects Building

MAPCODE: 976 104 179*52?

Address: 2256-17 Mataochi, Nakashibetsu Town