Secluded Hot Springs in Rausu


Checking out “Hito”, the secluded hot springs found in Shiretoko, a world heritage.

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There are three very unique onsens, or hot springs, which deserve to be called “secluded hot spring” scattered around Rausu.

“Seseki Onsen” is a hot spring that gushes out from rocky shores so it disappears into the sea at the time of high tide. This onsen is very rare as bathers can enjoy bathing in a hot spring while being splashed by the sea spray. Please let the caretaker know before bathing.

“Aidomari Onsen” is a hot spring located in the easternmost part of Japan. Go a little further from Aidomari Onsen and you’ll come to the very end of the road. Bathing in a hot spring while overlooking the sea enables the bathers to feel the marvel of the nature of Shiretoko.

“Kuma no Yu” is truly a secluded hot spring that gushes out in the middle of a forest. Rausu River flows nearby and a long, relaxing soak in a hot spring can be enjoyed in a tranquil forest environment.

NB: All three hot springs are found in a natural environment. Please be reminded that they are different from the usual hot spring spas with bathing items and changing rooms. (Bathers are allowed to wear swimsuits.)

Photo by 知床羅臼町観光協会


Seseki Onsen

MAPCODE: 974 352 086*82?

Address: Seseki, Rausu Town



Aidomari Onsen

MAPCODE: 974 353 767*64?

Address: Aidomari, Rausu Town



Kuma no Yu

MAPCODE: 757 409 513*24?

Address: Yunosawacho, Rausu Town