Kaminoko Pond


A mysterious pond that has a bright blue glow.

Autumn, Sights, Spring, Summer

Kaminoko Pond is a small pond where the underground water of Lake Mashu, which means “the lake of Gods” in Ainu language, gushes out. As the cold, clear water of 8℃ gushes out throughout the year, the fallen trees in the pond are well preserved without decomposing and dolly vardens, a species of trout, swimming while threading their way through the trees, can be seen. As the water is so strikingly blue and with such clarity the shadows of fish at the pond basin can be seen, this is a breathtakingly picturesque pond. It is beautiful in early summer when the water looks the bluest, however, in late autumn between October and November, there is a gorgeous contrast of vivid autumn leaves on trees and the blue water. This is Kiyosato Town’s great not-well-known tourist attraction which is better to leave as is without much human intervention. Special attention may be needed to visit the pond as during winter the snow on the forestry road to the pond is not cleared and the road is covered with snow until early spring.


Kaminoko Pond

MAPCODE: 910 216 192*18?

Address: Kiyoizumi, Kiyosato Town